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ETC Instructor Course Agreement - Terms and Conditions

A. Your Agency will: 

  1. Immediately following the Course, pay Priority Dispatch the current registration fee for each employee of Agency (or employees of entities legally affiliated with Agency) to be trained at the Course (“Trainee”), but the number of Agency-registered Trainees must be registered with Priority Dispatch two-weeks prior to the Course;

a. Any change to such registration number thereafter may require additional fees for extraordinary shipping and handling charges, which shall be invoiced by Priority Dispatch and paid by Agency to Priority Dispatch within 30 days after Agency’s receipt of such invoice;

  1. Specify the Course information required to complete the “Course Information Questionnaire” which is attached to and made part of this Letter Agreement by this reference; return same with this executed agreement to Priority Dispatch, at least 6-weeks prior to the Course Date; and reasonably assist Priority Dispatch in the recruitment of Outside Registrations for the Course (see Section B.1);
  2. Provide a suitable classroom, of adequate capacity to comfortably train up to 30 trainees. Classroom shall be maintained as a smoke-free environment furnished with the following equipment (in size, number and configuration to be perceived effectively by all Course Registrants in the classroom), which Agency shall provide and maintain in good working order throughout the Course:

a. LCD projector/computer image projector with laptop computer compatible interface;
b. Projection Screen; 
c. An Instructor's Work Table; 
d. A Black or White Board with Markers and Erasers. 

  1. Receive and safeguard Course Manuals that Priority Dispatch will provide for each 3-day Trainee registered for the Course, then distribute these to such registrants. Extra Manuals must be safeguarded and returned by Agency to Priority Dispatch immediately after the first day of the Course, un-opened and in condition equivalent to their delivery condition, or your Agency will be charged and pay the standard fee for any extra Course Manuals not returned to PDC.

B. Priority Dispatch will: 

  1. Receive and process all registrations and Fees (including those from your Agency) for the Course, and for International Academy of Emergency Dispatch Certification Testing.
  2. Provide a Certified National ETC-I Master Instructor (the “Instructor”) and materials to conduct the Course (including International Academy Certification Testing) for all properly registered and pre-paid Course Registrants. The individual Instructor provided shall be assigned (and may be changed) by Priority Dispatch at Priority Dispatch's sole discretion and in accordance with Priority Dispatch's standard Policies & Procedures for such assignments; and
  3. Submit test results to the International Academy for its processing and issuance of Diplomas, Certificates of ETCI Registration, re-test notifications, ETC-Ietc.

C. General Provisions: 

  1. All payments of Fees must be received by Priority Dispatch within the time-periods specified herein, and shall be paid by Agency check or (for government agencies, only) binding Agency Purchase Order. In the event that such purchase orders are used, these must specify actual disbursement by check to be received by Priority Dispatch no later than ten business days after the last day of the Course. Trainees whose registrations are not received by Priority Dispatch by the first day of the Course will not be included in the Course. Any Fee payments not actually made and performed by Agency in accordance with these specifications will be immediately due and payable to Priority Dispatch and may be subject to default collection procedures.
  2. Priority Dispatch may invite up to three complementary outside registrants as its guests at the Course.
  3. If the total enrollment in the Course is less than 10 Trainees and/or Outside Registrants, then, in order to offset Priority Dispatch’s fixed costs of providing an Instructor for the Course, Agency agrees that Priority Dispatch shall have the right to charge an addiotnal contingent fee (at the current rate) to your Agency.
  4. In the event the host agency cancels a course or changes the dates of the course within three weeks of the start of a course, there will be a $500 penalty to help offset administrative and instructor travel expenses.
  5. Neither Priority Dispatch nor Agency may cancel or modify this agreement, without the prior, written consent of the other, unless the party desiring to do so is willing to pay the unrecoverable costs incurred by the other party in its compliance with this Agreement, and on terms acceptable to the other party.